Shelley is a writer and an artist.  Her paintings reflect An almost linguistic assemblage of made and found, combining her observations of the patterns in nature with the textured color of a wide variety of materials.

many of Shelley's works are inspired by animals, plants, and insects. Nature's activity motivates exploratory paintings about how the outside reflects the inside.  She includes elements of landscape and still life, but the complete work becomes a layered allusion which can be celebratory, humorous, or dark.  the Layered effect illustrates the movement and synthesis in seemingly still moments.

The outer edges of her collections  - both traditional representational works and more experimental abstracts -demonstrate Shelley’s continuing painting education.  Landscapes and portraits (pet and human) have become part of her practice.  Sometimes she works in oils, for the amazing blending and sheen that oils can produce, but the speed and flexible nature of acrylic seems to best fit her inclusive style.  Her abstract pieces are chemical investigations into prismatic color and compounding impressions. 

A Columbus native, Shelley grew up taking art classes at the Columbus museum.  She learned figure drawing from Gary Pound, took watercolor from Marge Tilly, and was taught to admire the landscape designs of Frederick Law Olmstead by Sally Foley.  She now lives in Roswell, GA with her husband and two children, frequents The Art Place, has a pollinator garden, and recently built a treehouse, which she claims is for her children.